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Thursday, January 05, 2006

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Google Video News

Since I'm such a smart guy I'm on top off all this awesome shit. I thought I'd share it with you who aren't in the know. Some exciting stuff here.

PS Thanks Google Alerts

Google Pack Software Bundle & Pay Per View Video Coming From ...
Search Engine Watch - USA
... says that Google cofounder Larry Page will announce in his CES keynote this week that Google will offer pay-per-video downloads through Google Video and a new ...

CES: Google to offer video, software downloads
Macworld UK - UK
... As part of a major upgrade to Google's video-search service, consumers will be able to pay to download and view videos, such as TV shows, on their computer ...

Is Pay-Per-View Video Coming Soon to Google Video
Search Engine Watch - USA
MediaPost reports in the article: Google Video Preps Pay-Per-View Model, that ppv will soon be part of Google Video. Is this a surprise? No, not at all. ...

Wall Street Journal says Google to offer Video Downloads/Software ...
FinFacts Ireland - Ireland

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