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Thursday, January 12, 2006

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The Warriors - Come out to Play

The Warriors Most Famous Scene
Dur: 38sec

This clip features David Patrick Kelly as the movies creepy slimy villain. After this movie he was continually type cast as an asshole. See Jerry Horne from Twin Peaks. Apparently his lines were ad-libbed from taunts he used to receive from a neighborhood bully. If for some reason you didn't watch this film multiple times on re-runs in the 80's I feel sorry for you.
The Warriors is a 1979 film directed by Walter Hill about a gang fighting their way back home after being framed for the assassination of a gang leader. It is set primarily in New York City with a final scene taking place in Coney Island. It is based on the 1965 novel The Warriors by Sol Yurick. It also spawned a video game of the same name in 2005. - Wikipedia
I have been completely obsessed with this movie lately. Mostly because Rockstar rekindled my interest in it when they made it into a game. The game is very very cool. And entirely reminiscent of the classic Streets of Rage series. Please queue this movie up on Netflix and enjoy. And read this right on review at All Movie Guide.

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Blogger Tom said ... (2/07/2006 10:31 PM) : 

Ya know, that was the best all time movie memory I've ever had until I just watched that clip. I did not know it was that Ghey! I guess it's like looking back and watching MoonRaker for the first time in years, and realizing Roger Moore is a wimp compared to Sean Connery. How did I miss this? Roger Moore and MoonRaker ranked #1 in my book.


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