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Friday, February 03, 2006

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Joe's Unlucky Day

Joe's Unlucky Day
Dur: 8min 6sec
Today, Joe will discover the true meaning of ill fate. Not only is he kicked out of his apartment, he find himself mix up in a territory war between the Mafia and the homeless thugs. Can poor Joe survive the day?
Some highlights:

1:38 :
Two girls sitting on couch with 5 foot tall Kermit doll.
3:06 :
The Hobo boss asks the Yakuza gang member how he wants to die. Then it dissolves to Anime storyboards. During which the Hobo Boss is depicted hacking apart the Yakuza while chanting an ancient power:

when you die... there will be three wolves... with one rabbit...

Then after Joe involuntarily joins the Hobos he is given the name Panda. During an encounter with the Yakuza everyone thinks he is from China because of the name Panda. This upsets Joe very much.

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